Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!
- Edsger Dijkstra

Wacku: Consultation, design, and development of software projects

Software Consultancy


We can assist and advise you during the design and development, or improvement of your software, from idea through to a shipped product. During the planning phase we will help with project management or scope planning, as well as consulting on team structure and capacity. We can also analyze existing projects to lend assistance to meet a tough deadline, or to asses the project for security and due-dilligence topics. The use of tried and tested methodologies and tools compliments our use of the right tools for the job at hand.

We're Your Team


We employ a small number of expert freelancers who can join your team temporarily to add key skills, or increase capacity. Why freelancers? The best people need to be challenged, and we offer them a challenge, and security and stability in their work; the best of both worlds. Be it three days, or three months, we can offer one of our team to you as much or as little as you need.

Our Work

Below you'll see a selection of our previous projects, and some of the technologies they are using. We consider ourselves to be polyglots able to adapt to any software stack, our range of skills and experience ranges from C to Ruby, Java to Lisp, and covers all the usual suspects on the customer or user front-end.


XING is a social network for business people.

Ruby, Rails, ElasticSearch, Hadoop


Protonet, the easiest server in the world. Combining all manner of web services with powerful bespoke hardware and security. With Protonet teams can communicate privately, without using cloud services, without fear that their data will be stolen or lost. jedem Endgerät – hochgradig verschlüsselt.

Ruby, Rails, Angular.js, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, JavaScript


EasyPEP is a German company offering an online shift planning tool. Aimed at small businesses with 10-100 employees they offer a hosted software service to take the pain out of planning shift rotations, holiday days, late arrivals and sickness-cover.

Ruby, Rails, Javascript


Freiminuten is a German bonus program which grants discount or credit for one's mobile phone by using affiliate links when making an online purchase.

The platform was borne out of a mobile phone tarif which transformed into a bonus program compatible with most of the major network providers.

The platform supported white-label installations and was licenced to other vendors and branded to match their corporate image.

Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Resque, XML, OpenSSL


BDRIVEN is a private VIP transportation company. Offering bespoke limousine services for parties as well as private and sporting events.

Javascript, PHP is an internal project of Wacku UG.

The platform includes a form and a browseable database of TV, podcast, movie and other media, their names and broadcast or release dates, actors, hosts, presenters, and more.

The platform offers web-hooks to notify interested parties of updates to data they're following, live streams of changes, as well as a comprehensive API which delivers data in JSON and Msgpack formats.

Ruby, Rails, CouchDB, Redis, Javascript, Go plugs into many common media players to automatically scrobble (track, or record) which episodes, of which shows are watched, and sends intelligent notifications about follow-ups, or other interesting content. The data is used to provide series-links and notifications for new content related to the user’s interests and favourite shows.

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Redis

Groovy Bananas

GroovyBananas is a privately funded incubator in London. They are working with freelancers around the world to build interesting self-sustaining products and services which should be offered online.

We've supported GroovyBananas by joining their standups for a week and analyzing what the team could do better.

We followed this by isolating particularly tricky issues with their proposed architectures, and suggesting and demonstrating well-tested solutions in a way that their team could assimilate them easily into products after a few rounds of discussion and testing.

Ruby, Javascript, Rails


If you are searching for a new challenge, why not contact us and join our standby team.

We like to get to know members of the standby team by hacking together with them on our internal or open source projects.

We offer exciting projects, and relative stability - we prefer to let you keep your freedom, and to enjoy working in the way you want to.

We know that the best developers aren't 9-5 types who want to sit behind a desk all day, work from our office or yours, with the client, or on the beach, we don't mind if the client doesn't.

Our HQ is in Hamburg, Germany. We speak native English and German, and we have projects in both languages. We have native Russian speakers on hand and like to work in English, we use Basecamp, Campfire, Google Hangouts and Harvest for time tracking.

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About Wacku

Wacku was founded in July 2012. We have struggled with software projects too, and offer our hard-learned experiences to you now. Developing software often ends with prototypes which are not scalable and don't meet the needs of the business. **It doesn't have to be this way.** A sound technical concept combined with a skilled team can lead to flexible software with a minimum maintainance costs and high scalability.

Lee Hambley, Director, Software Wizard

Lee began program at a young age, by 15 years old he had open source code shared on the then-young internet. Lee's career started in 2001 immediately after the conculsion of studies in computer sciences and psychology. Whilst living in England he worked with state educational services facilitating the computerisation and exchange of teaching materials. He was introduced to Ruby on Rails when be began to work for a large travel portal. During his first years work with Ruby on Rails he became responsible for the widely used (circa 2.5M users) deployment tool, Capistrano. In recent years Lee has emigrated to Germany, where he has worked with companies such as XING AG working on web APIs and rapid response teams. Following his engagement at XING, he started to work as CTO of an online shopping and rewards program. Lee is dedicated to, and passionate about developing high quality, sustainable pieces of high-performance software; particularly concerning accessibility, internationalisation and responsive design. Lee often participates as a speaker at conferences to inspire others to take pride in their craft and ship amazing software.


Joe Tonne, Director

After graduating from high-school Joe worked for several advertising agencies such as Springer&Jacoby and became a trainee at Economia BBDO before starting to study business administration at the university of Hamburg. During university he started managing various projects concerning international sponsoring from well known clients at worldwide events. He wrote his diploma thesis as a graduate of the Siemens AG he continued to work for Siemens as an external consultant. In 2006 Joe started working for a communications agency; in 2007 he founded his first company, a mobile virtual network operator. In 2009 he co-founded an e-commerce-based loyalty programme for mobile network operators. Joe also invested in several start-ups and joined different advisory boards as a consultant. Since 2012 he has been consulting for Sennheiser, a German consumer electronics manufacturer in e-commerce and digital marketing. Joe loves sports and has been kick-/boxing for over 20 years and is also a passionate runner. Besides that he loves all kinds of transportation that is empowered by gasoline.



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